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Changes in functional connectivity associated with facial expression processing over the working adult lifespan [DATA + ANALYSIS]

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posted on 2022-01-07, 15:03 authored by Justin O'BrienJustin O'Brien, Veena KumariVeena Kumari, Thomas Murray ARCHIVE
- conn_project02.mat
--- [.nii files for each Participant / Condition / Source]
- connectivity_recognition_correlation.m
--- [Matlab script to calculate voxel-wise correlations between connectivity and expression recognition]
- effectOfAgeComparison.m
--- [Matlab script to visualise conn_project02.mat data]
- findPeakValues.m
--- [Matlab script to extract t and F statistic values of peak voxels in an image]
- participant_data.mat
- recognition_age_correlation.m
--- [Matlab script to calculate correlation between recognition accuracy and age]
--- [image files for each region]
- splitClusters.m
--- [Matlab script to export separate images for each thresholded SPM cluster]