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Childhood Maltreatment in Indian Adolescents with a History of Child Work.sav (52.98 kB)

Childhood maltreatment in Indian adolescents with a history of child work dataset.

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posted on 2020-03-20, 10:02 authored by Veena KumariVeena Kumari

This data set consists of 155 variables (excluding the participant ID) that underpin the analysis of the paper entitled ‘Childhood maltreatment and its mental health consequences among Indian adolescents with a history of child work’ to be published in the Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry.

The methodology for the data collection is provided in the paper.


Department of Biotechnology, India (BT/IN/DBT-MRC/DFID/20/RP/2015-16)

Department of Biotechnology, India (BT/IN/DBT-MRC/DFID/20/RP/2015-16) Medical Research Council, UK (MR/N006194/1)