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Quantitative Data Sets (social systems and resilience -pre and post) for NHS team development Project

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posted on 2022-12-01, 15:22 authored by Dominik Havsteen-FranklinDominik Havsteen-Franklin, Jenni de Knoop


Healthcare teams can feel under pressure and individuals may feel that they have less autonomy. This is particularly evident following crisis events. Where teams are experiencing substantial and multiple pressures with low team social support, there is evidence of increases in depression, anxiety, compassion fatigue and ultimately problems with staff retention and patient care. To address this issue, we co-designed and piloted an arts therapies based brief team development programme. Medical Research Council (MRC) guidance was used to design a mixed methods evaluation. Two outcome measures were administered, and a qualitative open text survey underwent thematic analysis. We recruited 92 participants for the evaluation; 90 completed the open text survey and 42 participants completed the outcome measures. The qualitative analysis produced the following themes:  Getting to Know the Team in a Meaningful Way; Creative Expression and Reflection; Communicating and Processing Difficult Feelings and Resistances; More Time For Processing; Practical Problems with Whole Team Engagement; Difficulty Engaging in Creative Exercises; Inclusivity and Equality; Psychological Safety. Quantitative results were significant with indications of changes to team social systems. The results of our study indicate good accessibility, acceptability and effectiveness.


Grant Ref CNWL2021SG016