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Data Social Reward Responding in Psychopathology.rm5

posted on 2020-11-04, 12:14 authored by Luke Aldridge-Waddon, Martina Vanova, Jacob Alex Munneke, Ignazio PuzzoIgnazio Puzzo, Veena KumariVeena Kumari

The file contains data from the studies included in the meta-analyses of social reward anticipation in psychopathology described in “Atypical social reward anticipation as a transdiagnostic characteristic of psychopathology: A meta-analytic review and critical evaluation of current evidence”. The paper is accepted for publication in the journal ‘Clinical Psychology Review’.

The file can be opened using the computer software RevMan which is free to download and install here: The file includes the mean, standard deviation, and sample size statistics for all analysed studies. Analysis of the reaction time and response accuracy data is included in the file.

The study selection and data collection procedures are described in the manuscript.