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Family planning study 1

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posted on 2020-07-15, 10:14 authored by Lora AdairLora Adair

Because prior parenting experiences (e.g., parity, the sex of current children) often change individuals’ fertility intentions (Balbo, Billari, & Mills, 2013), this work focused exclusively on fertility decision-making practices of childless individuals. The sample was also limited to individuals of reproductively viable age; defined as ages 18-45 (see Toulemon & Testa, 2005). The current work obtained an internet-based sample of 241 participants, with an average age of 22 years (SD = 5.33), through both general population and university sources (Mechanical Turk, N = 80; SONA [university students], N = 55; Reddit, N = 106). All participation was via Qualtrics software. Thirty-five participants indicated that they were parents and were therefore excluded from further analysis (resulting in N = 206). Mechanical Turk participants were compensated 25 cents for their participation, SONA participants were enrolled in a large Midwestern University and compensated with course credit for their participation, and Reddit participants did not receive any compensation for their participation. The current sample was predominantly female (59.7%), White/Non-Hispanic (80.6%), heterosexual (87.4%), and involved in a romantic relationship (46.6%).


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