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High Trapped Fields in C-doped MgB2 Bulk Superconductors Fabricated by Infiltration and Growth

posted on 2018-03-14, 09:26 authored by Ashutosh Bhagurkar, Akiyasu Yamamoto, Lu Wang, Mingxu XiaMingxu Xia, Anthony Dennis, John Durrell, Talal Aljohani, Hari-Babu NadendlaHari-Babu Nadendla, David Cardwell
Data presented for fully processed carbon doped MgB2 bulk samples produced by an Infiltration and Growth process. Data includes magnetization-temperature measurements, XRD patterns, Williamson-Hall plot, Jc-H measurements, pinning force, HRTEM images, trapped field with time decay and schematics


EPSRC (Grant: EP/K031422/1)