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IWB During COVID-19 in Combined UK, Greece, India - Final dataset.sav (54.57 kB)

IWB During COVID-19 in Combined UK, Greece, India Dataset

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posted on 2023-09-15, 08:00 authored by Pauldy OtermansPauldy Otermans, Maria Spanoudaki, Stanley GainesStanley Gaines, Dev Aditya

We examined the construct validity of a 28-item survey that was designed to measure inner wellbeing (i.e., individuals’ thoughts and feelings about what they can do and be; White et al., 2014) among individuals in (1) the Global South nation of India (n = 205), (2) the Global North nation of the United Kingdom (n = 392), and (3) the nation of Greece, which is not readily categorized as Global South or Global North (n = 354) during COVID lockdown. Using a series of multiple-group confirmatory factor analyses via LISREL 10.20 (Joreskog & Sorbom, 2019), we tested the hypothesis that a model specifying seven factors (i.e., economic confidence, agency/participation, social connections, close relationships, physical/mental health, competence/self-worth, and values/meaning as intercorrelated domains) would provide a significantly better fit to the correlational data than would a model specifying a one factor (i.e., unidimensional inner wellbeing).


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