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Skill-Based Differences in Decision Time When Responding to Verbal Information from Intrateam Communication in Lacrosse Dataset

posted on 2021-11-26, 09:23 authored by Katie Riches, Colm Murphy, David Broadbent

Supplementary Table (doc. and .csv)

The sequence of calls from different simulated teammates in each trial. Calls are “Got ball” (GB), “On your left” (OL), “On your right” (OR), “Cutter” (C), and “Red” (R). The meaning of each call is in Table 1. The simulated teammate that made each call is in brackets, which refers to the position of the speaker in the experimental set up (Figure 1B).

Raw Data

The raw data for each participant, including the decision time, movement time, response accuracy, and confidence rating on each trial. Each tab is a different participant.