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Stability of the Electrical Supply to Rack Room 1 of the MICE Experiment at the Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory in 2014

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posted on 2019-11-05, 15:00 authored by Henry Nebrensky

MICE, the international Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment, is a project to design, construct, operate and test a cell of a muon ionisation cooling channel that may be used for a future Muon Collider or Neutrino Factory.

The object of the MICE experiment is to take a beam of muons created from protons from the ISIS accelerator hitting a titanium target and to show that it is possible to create a narrow intense beam, using detector techniques from particle physics.

Mains power fluctuations can obviously affect the experiment directly, e.g. a power drop-out will disable plant, but much of the equipment also depends on reference voltages that may be affected by mains power fluctuations. Stability of the mains power in Rack Room 1 in July 2014 was monitored using a similar approach to [1].

The power supply voltage in Rack Room 1 was sampled by querying one of the UPS units. The UPS (APC SmartUPS 3000XL) reports three values for each 60-second interval (defined internally by the UPS):

- the maximum supply voltage during that interval

- the minimum supply voltage during that interval

- the "instantaneous" supply voltage at the end of that interval

The granularity of the measurement is coarse, about 1.5 V. Voltage spikes will be seen as high values of the maximum voltage, and supply dips as low values of the minimum voltage.

The UPS was monitored using the Network UPS Tools ("NUT") framework [2]. A cron job queried NUT once a minute and appended the values to a text file (in CSV format).

Material (20/08/2019): collection of CSV format text files containing mains voltage history.

This item forms part of the MICE Miscellaneous data, DOI: 10.17633/rd.brunel.5024885 ( Construction/Beamline/Other/ ).


Henry Nebrensky configured the MICE NUT instance, and wrote the query script.


This data is provided as-is.
The format of the date/timestamp changes between files, as I tried to find one that Microsoft Excel would parse correctly.


1. H. Nebrensky and R. Lopes: "Stability of the Electrical Supply to Grid Computing Facilities in Tower B, Brunel University in 2009" DOI: 10.17633/rd.brunel.7152089 (2018)

2. "Network UPS Tools"