TDX-ASSIST WP1 Task 1.6_D1.11 Update of UML and profile descriptions_eap File

eap-File: This is a UML-repository of CIM-profiles from Work Package 1 of the "TDX-ASSIST" project. The profiles are based on CIM CGMES and were designed for the information exchange between TSOs and DSOs in selected Use Cases of the project. In cases where CGMES was not sufficient to represent the information exchange between TSOs and DSOs, a number of extensions to CGMES (e.g. new classes, associations and attributes) were proposed. The CIM-profiles can be found in the UML-package "TDXProfiles" and the extensions are placed in the package "ExtTDX". A detailed decription of the CIM-profiles is provided in Deliverable D1.10 and D1.11 on