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TDX-ASSSIT _Task 1.6_D1.12 Update IEC Proposals

posted on 2020-07-15, 10:11 authored by Mohammed Radi, Ioana PisicaIoana Pisica, Gareth TaylorGareth Taylor, Eric lambert, Frank Marten
Deliverable 12 (D1.12) of TDX ASSIST project channel the output of Task 1.6 into recommendations by distributing field test learning into appropriate standards sections. Comprehensive checks will ensure contributions are developed for all standards named in Task 1.6 documentation. A detailed description of the data files and their development process is provided in D1.12 on

The data files are listed as the followings:

TDX-ASSIST WP1 Use Cases repository provided as an enterprise architect file.

2. TDX-ASSIST-UseCases-WP1-V16.eap:
TDX-ASSIST WP1 Use Cases repository provided as HTML file.

The EDF repository is proposed as an Entreprise Architect file repository and its html export. TDX-ASSIST EDF repository includes Use Cases, implemented profiles associated to ESMP and EDF demonstrator.

4. EDF-Data Sets TDX-ASSIST-EDF data sets.7z: Compressed File include files which represent Distribution Networks compliant with CDPSM (IEC 61968-13) profiles or CGMES profiles.

Compressed File that are Message structures proposed by EDF, based on CIM model and ESMP contextual model and which have been experimented in EDF demonstrator.

6. TDX-ASSIST CDPSM-CGMES convergence_ForIEC_and_TDX_WP1_T1-6_D1.12.pdf
A study that EDF conducted in 2019on CDPSM/CGMES . It was presented to IEC TC57 during march 2020 meeting.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 774500