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Love's Welcome: The King and Queen's Entertainment

posted on 2021-03-09, 10:18 authored by Thomas BetteridgeThomas Betteridge

Love’s Welcome, Bolsover Castle, July 2014.

This was a performance which combined an immersive site specific devised opening followed by a historically informed workshop production of Ben Jonson’s masque Love’s Welcome. The masque was performed in the Little Garden at Bolsover Castle in one of the possible performance spaces for the original masque. The site specific devised introduction was produced and written by Betteridge and the creative team. The entire show was directed by Professor Betteridge. This video includes contributions from Charlotte Ewart, choreography, Dr Nicola Stacey, Chief Curator English Heritage, and Professor James Knowles, Brunel University.

The research methodology for the masque was based on Betteridge’s AHRC funded productions of The Play of the Weather at Hampton Court Palace and Ane Satyre of Thrie Estatis at Linltihgow Palace. It also drew on Professor Knowles’ published work on Ben Jonson and Stuart Court masques.