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In Case There is a Reason

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posted on 18.12.2020, 10:57 by Fiona Templeton
In Case There is a Reason, June to August 2017

In producing this historical research, 'In Case There is a Reason' offers a new interpretation and documentation of the Theatre of Mistakes’ work (1972-1982). It is an examination of the contemporary validity of the work, using a new form of direction and staging with a cast of five who play out mannerisms of departure in five choreographed acts, while attempting to be each other.

The exhibition included extensive documentation of the Theatre of Mistake's work at that time, ephemera, diagrams, letters, publicity etc. Templeton directed a new version of the group’s performance piece Going, with a new young cast, every weekend for the duration of the exhibition, each time with a different performer configuration.

The full performance can be viewed here: GOING on Vimeo