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Wireless Operator

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Wireless Operator, The Edinburgh Fringe, August 2019

Website: Wireless Operator - Home, including reviews and audience feedback

Wireless Operator premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 and tells the gripping story of a terrifying night-time Lancaster Bomber raid in WW2. The play is told through the eyes and ears of the wireless operator. Confined in the claustrophobic aircraft the young crew struggle to survive. They avoid searchlights and flak; witness fellow airmen blown out of the sky and plunge into zero gravity corkscrew manoeuvres to evade enemy aircraft. As they unleash their deadly cargo onto the city below, the wireless operator agonises about the real cost of their mission. By focusing on a single mission, the play reveals the effects of PTSD in a dramatic context and the physical and mental triggers to the lifelong legacy that traumatised those airmen who survived.

Most of the soundtrack and the score of Wireless Operator was designed and recorded by Brunel technician Phil Maguire. All the technical rehearsals were carried out at Brunel and one of the voice cast was a Brunel student.

Distributions rights have been granted by Director, Bob Baldwin.

Actor (John): Thomas Dennis
Writer Director: Bob Baldwin
Writer: Max Kinnings
Set Designer: Kit Line
Sound Design: John Leonard
Lighting Design: Ben Ormerod
Composer: Phil Maguire
Casting Director: Serena Hill
Producer: Stephen Graham
Producer: Hilary Townley
Producer: Jan Baldwin


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